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We are CESAR, a brazilian center for innovation, in business since 1996 developing people and leveraging business offerings for our customers.

We rely on a diverse and multidisciplinary team of about 900 talented people, including designers, engineers, consultants, strategists, entrepreneurs, researchers and educators.

Our belief is that innovation starts with people and is driven by people, who turn ideas into businesses that can change the lives of other people!

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Complete Solutions

Taking organizations to a new level of competitiveness

Robust solutions

with ICTs

We apply Information and Communication Technologies to develop robust and scalable digital solutions with hardware and software.

Are efficient and robust digital solutions a priority for you?

One of the great challenges for many industries is to ensure systems' performance, while maintaining data quality and reliability. 

One of our main activities at CESAR is the development of robust and scalable digital solutions with hardware and software applying Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).

We value a culture of excellence and have vast experience in developing high-performance state-of-the-art solutions, ensuring world-class delivery for our customers.

Innovation in education and skills for the future

We create innovative learning experiences to develop people with the necessary skills to lead innovation processes.

Corporate innovation

and business strategy

We co-create strategies and opportunities to accelerate and develop new businesses, promoting innovation and intrapreneurship practices.

Product and service design

We use Design methodologies to identify opportunities, create solutions, experiment and validate products, services, processes and business models.

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CarelogiQ: digital solution brings agility and efficiency to healthcare facilities in USA

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Ponto.Care: taking essential medical exams to the patient in bustling NY/USA

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ISA-CTEEP: Design in the digital transformation of the

Brazilian power grid

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Salvus: the internet of things transforming the healthcare market in Brazil

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Gerdau: IoT + Data Analytics

State-of-the-art technologies to provide intelligence and enhance quality and productivity to industries.

Elcoma: Internet for rural areas

Concept and development of a low cost router to meet internet demands in rural and remote areas.

Chesf: unmanned aerial vehicle

Concept and prototype of a highly reliable Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for monitoring power lines.

Salvus: IoT for Health Solution

IoT solution to predict in advance when will be necessary a oxigen cylinder replacement.

Coferly: Design and Consulting

Consulting for digital transformation and new products opportunities focus on customer needs.

FCA: Software Residency Program

Professional training program in embedded systems for the Automotive and Powertrain applications.

Some of our clients

We value the transformative potential of Design.

Design has been part of our DNA ever since our foundation, and it is core to our mission. 

It makes tangible through a team of more than 100 designers working together, articulated and distributed throughout the company.

The application of Design Methods for over two decades has resulted in an effective approach to solve complex problems.

Full cycle of innovation

Our services address all innovation cycle, from research, studies and training, to the construction of dominant models through experimentation and creation of new business models, including incremental improvements, with the development of robust and scalable solutions.