And it will transform everything

The advanced capabilities spawned since 2022 are equivalent to adding a bionic brain to nearly any person or task - from augmented human creativity and A.I.-assisted design to how we interact with each other using the software that powers our world.

Download this paper and understand how Artificial Intelligence is transforming society with its cognitive, complex and artistic work, amid all the criticism and fear around its potential to substitute human power.

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"We’re rapidly moving into a new reality where no company across nearly any sector will be able to compete and survive without having the ability for nearly anyone to be able to program with AI-powered low-code/no-code tools. There will be a rapid evolution of how people will fit into this new way of working and creating things with AI-augmented support”.

Eduardo Peixoto CESAR's CEO

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What you'll find at this paper


A.I. is the main technology behind the rapid transformation that is impacting society profoundly. CESAR is on the verge of this technology, and has a realistic and reflexive point of view on this subject.

Disruptive impact is here

GenA.I. will disrupt how we live, teach, work, entertain ourselves, and design things – including software coding. Therefore it is imperative that we, as a society, adapt the way we live in this new world.

A.I.-Powered Design

Although artists have experimented computer-generated art since the 1960s, during the last decade the field of generative art has grown and opened a large debate and criticisms.

Gen A.I.’s ability to boost productivity

IT leaders agree GenA.I. will have a transformative impact on how we work and create, raising our productivity. The possibilities are vast, but ethical, transparent and responsible development are crucial.

Reimagining education

with Artificial Intelligence

Gen A.I. has impacted the education sector very profoundly with the arrival of ChatGPT. Education leaders and organizations that want to thrive must embrace the opportunity to transform the entire industry.

Many challenges mixed with tremendous promise

A realistic analysis between deep concerns about potential harms to humanity and the great promising good of generative I.A.

Enabling-technologies such as A.I. are also transforming industries 

CESAR supports organizations that wish to prepare themselves to meet the challenges brought by the fourth industrial revolution.

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